Clayton Emery

And Sean Young's dog
Clayton Emery holding Sean Young's dog (because she was shooting)

Current Projects

Wrote pilot script and outline for World War 2 television series.  Being read by major UK media company.

Adapted Tarzan the Untamed, oddly in the public domain, into screenplay.  Being read by major Hollywood film production company.

Adapting Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett as screenplay.  Rights may be impossible to untangle.

Tweaking Tyger Blake: Totaled as a TV pilot.  Hear the original story podcast.

Wrote screenplay adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Variable ManRequested by a couple companies, no bites yet.

Adapted Murder in the Mist, Native American mystery-adventure based on Kathleen and Michael Gear's People of the Mist.  Being read by independent NA production company.

Adapted Martin Woodhouse's Tree Frog into screenplay with (deceased) author's collaboration.  Being read by a film star known for playing heroes who bumble through.

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